neděle 19. srpna 2018

How to convert an Android app to Windows

As you probably know, we are developing point and click adventure games for Android, but it has changed in last months... Over time, we converted them to iOS (Apple iPhone, iPad) and Windows 10 (PC, smartphones). We have already written one article about how we ported the games from Android to iOS, this time we'll take a look at how easy it can be to convert games (or other apps, of course), from Android to Windows.
If you have you app in Java and it is targeted to Android users, you may think about porting it to other platforms as well. How to do it? What are the right tools? We were quite happy with two freely available tools which helped us to convert Java to C# and to edit the functions using Android API to make them use Windows 10 API.
More details you can find in this article in our new blog: Converting Android game to Windows 10

Right Now: 9 new PC adventure games, 4 of them free

Almost all our adventure games are available for Windows 10 now. 9 new adventure games in four series - Alice and The Reformatory for Witches and two other parts of the series about the young witch, the series Space Treasure Hunters, Mutants vs. The Chosen and The Island of 16 Sisters. The first part of each series is free of charge, other games are available for symbolic amounts from 1.10 to $1.60.
We are very happy to announce this news, as we worked some time on the games and porting them to Windows.
You can download the games here - Our free and paid adventure games for Windows 10

Thank you for being with us!

čtvrtek 24. května 2018

New GameStylus game blog / Nový blog her GameStylus

EN: We decided to start a new game blog at GameCondor. If you want to hear more news from us, look there too, please. Thank you, your GameStylus

CZ: Rozhodli jsme se, že odstartujeme svůj nový herní blog na herním webu GameCondor. Chcete-li od nás slyšet další zprávy, podívejte se tam také, prosím. Děkujeme, váš GameStylus

čtvrtek 3. května 2018

16 sisters: Free point and click Adventure Game for Windows 10

It's here: The Island of 16 sisters adventure game is available for Windows 10 now. It is free, no registrations, no ads, no catches...

What is this game about? One day Robert wakes up on a cold pavement in the middle of a small town on an unknown island. Soon he finds out he's not alone here. There are 16 beautiful girls and a mysterious Father living on the island. What's the secret behind this all?

You can download the game for free here from the Windows Store.

We've ported the game from Android and iOS and we are preparing the other adventure games too. But right now we will be happy for any feedback from you. This will help us to improve our game engine for Windows 10.

Thank you for playing our games!

pondělí 2. dubna 2018

Free World Atlas eBook and Planning your holiday with Usual Weather info

Our parents - you know, what I mean? - I mean our parents like the people, who help us create our adventure games, like Alice and The Reformatory for witches, Alice and The magical dragons, Alice and The Magisal Islands, but also our other adventure series (here), are doing not only this...

Our parents are creating also web sites and publishing e-books. And these two web sites may be interesting for everybody, even for you, our players:

iWorldAtlas is an online World Atlas, where you can find information about all countries of the world. But it is not all - you can download there World Atlas eBook also. So - if you need a World Atlas for your Amazon Kindle or for another ebook reader, try this web site. You get there a free World Atlas with some information and maps for your device.

UsualWeather is another web site you may like. There is information about typical weather in all countries of the World. So whenever are you planning your holidays, business trip etc., you can quickly see, what weather to expect anywhere in any month of the year you choose.

So, these are our tips for websites from our parents.

And after planning all the travels come back, now, to our games at :))).

neděle 16. července 2017

New point-and-click adventure games for iOS - iPhone and iPad / Nové adventury pro iPhone/iPad

EN: We're finally paying off our debt - since yesterday, our new adventure games Space Treasure Hunters 1 and 2 and The Island of 16 sisters are also available for iOS - iPhone and iPad. The games Space Treasure Hunters 1 and The Island of 16 sisters can be downloaded free of charge, Space Treasure Hunters 2 are available for $0,99 - which will help us to develop even more games.

The new games are added to a number of other point and click adventures from our GameStylus studio, including Alice and The Reformatory for Witches and Mutants vs. The Chosen.

The new games can be found on iTunes here:
Space Treasure Hunters 1
Space Treasure Hunters 2
The Island of 16 sisters

All of our games on Apple iTunes - are here

And if you prefer Android, then the link to our Android adventure games is here

CZ: Konečně splácíme svůj dluh - od včerejšího dnes jsou naše nové adventure hry Lovci vesmírných pokladů 1 a 2 i Ostrov 16 sester dostupné také pro iOS - tedy pro iPhone a iPad. Hry Lovci vesmírných pokladů 1 a Ostrov 16 sester si tam přitom můžete stáhnout zdarma, Lovci vesmírných pokladů 2 přijdou na dolar - který nám pomůže vyvíjet další hry.

Novinky se tak přidávají k řadě dalších point and click adventur od našeho studia GameStylus, mimo jiné k Alici a Polepšovna pro čarodějky nebo Mutanti vs. Vyvolení.

Hry najdete na iTunes zde:
Lovci vesmírných pokladů 1
Lovci vesmírných pokladů 2
Ostrov 16ti sester

Všechny naše hry na Apple iTunes - jsou tady

A jestli máte raději Android, tak odkaz pro naše adventury na Androidu je zde

pondělí 12. června 2017

One more New Free Adventure Game: Island of 16 sisters / Ostrov 16ti sester

EN: It is here: We've just released the long promised new game - Island of 16 sisters - part One. What is this adventure game about? One day Robert wakes up on a cold pavement in the middle of a small town on an unknown island. Soon he finds out he's not alone. There are 16 beautiful girls and a mysterious Father living on the island. What's the secret behind all of this?

The Island of 16 sisters is the fourth series of GameStylus adventure games. This time the main character is not a young witch, a mutant nor a space treasure hunter, but a young man - Robert... It's a classic point and click adventure game optimized for tablets and smartphones, but this time with prerendered graphics. We hope you will like it...

And here is the link: Free adventure game: Island of 16 sisters

CZ: A je to tady: Dlouho slibovaná hra Ostrov 16ti sester je tady. Konkrétně její první díl. A o čem je? Robert se jednoho dne probudí na chladné dlažbě uprostřed malého města na neznámém ostrově. A brzy zjistí, že tu není sám. Na ostrově totiž žije 16 krásných dívek a tajemný Otec. Co se za tím vším skrývá?

Ostrov 16ti sester je již čtvrtou sérií adventure her týmu GameStylus. Tentokrát v hlavní roli není mladá čarodějka, ani mutant ani vesmírný lovec pokladů, ale mladík Robert... Je to opět klasická point and click adventure hra optimalizovaná pro tablety a smartphony, ale tentokrát s předrenderovanou grafikou. Tak snad se bude líbit...