neděle 19. srpna 2018

How to convert an Android app to Windows

As you probably know, we are developing point and click adventure games for Android, but it has changed in last months... Over time, we converted them to iOS (Apple iPhone, iPad) and Windows 10 (PC, smartphones). We have already written one article about how we ported the games from Android to iOS, this time we'll take a look at how easy it can be to convert games (or other apps, of course), from Android to Windows.
If you have you app in Java and it is targeted to Android users, you may think about porting it to other platforms as well. How to do it? What are the right tools? We were quite happy with two freely available tools which helped us to convert Java to C# and to edit the functions using Android API to make them use Windows 10 API.
More details you can find in this article in our new blog: Converting Android game to Windows 10

Right Now: 9 new PC adventure games, 4 of them free

Almost all our adventure games are available for Windows 10 now. 9 new adventure games in four series - Alice and The Reformatory for Witches and two other parts of the series about the young witch, the series Space Treasure Hunters, Mutants vs. The Chosen and The Island of 16 Sisters. The first part of each series is free of charge, other games are available for symbolic amounts from 1.10 to $1.60.
We are very happy to announce this news, as we worked some time on the games and porting them to Windows.
You can download the games here - Our free and paid adventure games for Windows 10

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