pondělí 2. dubna 2018

Free World Atlas eBook and Planning your holiday with Usual Weather info

Our parents - you know, what I mean? - I mean our parents like the people, who help us create our adventure games, like Alice and The Reformatory for witches, Alice and The magical dragons, Alice and The Magisal Islands, but also our other adventure series (here), are doing not only this...

Our parents are creating also web sites and publishing e-books. And these two web sites may be interesting for everybody, even for you, our players:

iWorldAtlas is an online World Atlas, where you can find information about all countries of the world. But it is not all - you can download there World Atlas eBook also. So - if you need a World Atlas for your Amazon Kindle or for another ebook reader, try this web site. You get there a free World Atlas with some information and maps for your device.

UsualWeather is another web site you may like. There is information about typical weather in all countries of the World. So whenever are you planning your holidays, business trip etc., you can quickly see, what weather to expect anywhere in any month of the year you choose.

So, these are our tips for websites from our parents.

And after planning all the travels come back, now, to our games at GameStylus.com :))).